Our Analysts

Abbey Elizabeth

Aiden Hawker

Alex Brunner

Ameer Chughtai

Andrew Perry

Andrew Perry is a third year studying International Relations who is from Boulder, Colorado. He is interested in Central Asian and Sub-Sahara African states with a focus on foreign influence and intervention. Outside of university, Andrew is an avid golfer and skier.  

Anna Szekeres

Beth Gold

Catherine Burke

Clare Elman

Darcy Fenton-Stone

David Clegg

Dea Edington

Delaney Murray

Dilhan Salgado D'Arcy

Dirk Van Der Tang

Dirk van der Tang is a 4th year International Relations & Management student who was born in the Netherlands but grew up as a teenager in Sydney, Australia. Dirk is fluent in Dutch, English and French and is particularly interested in human rights issues and global governance.

Dylan Springer

Elisabeth Speyerl

Euan Macdonald

Franciszek Bryk

Freya Evans

Gabrielle Selby

Garmon Dyfri

Gemma Walls

Grace Gressett

Hadley Menk

Hannah Graham-Brown

Huseyn Sultanli

Isabella Cuervo-Lorens

Joshua Mendelson

Kate Lochrie

Laoise Rogers

Lewis O'Neill

Lyle Horne

Madison Campbell

Magda Baranowska

Marina Rivera

Mary Blair Horner

Maya Hudson

Megan Pollick

Nena Atkinson

Oliver Walter

Paola CóRdova Zelinski

Raqib Valli

Rohan Date

Saskia Giraud-Reeves

Seth Jhaveri

Simone Flournoy

Siobhan Ali

Ty Ciatto

Ty Ciatto studies international relations at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. He is currently spending his third year abroad at St. Andrews, where he hopes to enhance his concentration in European Affairs. In the past, Ty has studied German and Mandarin Chinese, and he enjoys playing tennis and squash.

Xavier Bull

Yolanda Morgan

Zoe Spirgel